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DermaTint™ is a herbal remedy for treatment of Vitiligo. It has a reorder rate of more than 53%*. The remedy has helped thousands of people with varying racial and ethnic backgrounds in attaining their normal complexion. Vitiligo Treatment with DermaTint is easy, safe and and all natural.

Salient features

• Quick, permanent return of normal complexion
• No local or generalized Side effects
• Natural ingredients with no harsh, irritating agents
• Easy Treatment with no necessary supplements
• No steroids

Most effective herbal remedy for vitiligo

Though Vitiligo is among very common global diseases at the moment worldwide but still there is very little awareness of this skin disease among general public. Even it is not understood properly or adequately by the medical science. Vitiligo treatment and its alternates are typically common topics for the sufferers at the moment across the globe. Appearance is utmost important in the current modern society. The increasing visible differences of this skin disease make it very difficult for the sufferers to live with it. Therefore, this gradual change in the appearance of Vitiligo patients makes it hard for them to adjust in their community properly. Some sufferers may even face some cultural identity questions particularly those with darker skin (in original) but turned white because of Vitiligo.

The researchers have presented several Vitiligo treatment and its alternates (methods) in the past 10 years, including topical calcipotriene, topical calcineurin inhibitors, targeted phototherapy and NB-UVB therapy. You would be thinking that whether to treat or not to treat a Vitiligo patient could be the biggest question for many medical professionals for a patient comes to them but in fact, the only biggest question is which treatment method should be selected or which would be the most appropriate method to treat an individual patient?

Vitiligo is still in search of an appropriate treatment method but some Vitiligo treatment and its alternates may slow down the progress of this skin disease. You must understand (while using any of these treatment methods) that you are still at higher risk if your skin color returns back to white patches at a later stage.

Majority of people suffering from Vitiligo are always desperate for its cure. They are happy even if they are able to reduce the symptoms. Anything that carry even a little hope about Vitiligo treatment is always interesting to them. Majority of people (sufferers rather) feel helpless especially when this skin disease is actively spreading on their body, and they try anything that brings a hope to control this situation.

* Order rate for last 6 months
  Random Testimonial

"I have used DermaTint™ (Anti-Vitiligo™ Oil) on few patients and achieved good results, minor & recent areas are totally responding. It is excellent if used with LLLT form of laser therapy. At last patients with Vitiligo now have a hope to stop the process and look better cosmetically."



Dr. Raffi Shemenian,
Beirut, Lebanon.

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